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We are permitted to use Personal Information for the purpose it was collected, related purposes you would reasonably expect us to use it for and other purposes when you have consented to us using it for those purposes. We attempt to let you know what the purpose of collection is when we collect the information from you.

There are a number of ways we use your Personal Information, these include:

  • To provide you with tickets to events put on by us (or put on by us and companies we work with);
  • To contact you about events you have purchased tickets for;
  • To contact you about Frontier events;
  • To contact you about promotions and competitions put on by us or companies we work with;
  • To provide you with support in connection with any of our events or promotions;
  • To find out about your behaviours so we can improve our Websites, Social Media Sites, products and services;
  • To send you direct marketing about Frontier events and promotions where you have given us permission to send marketing to you or you would reasonably expect us to use your Personal Information for direct marketing. If we send you direct marketing you have a right to opt out of receiving direct marketing from us at any time.

If we collect your Personal Information from someone other than you we will use the Personal Information only for the purpose it was collected for or a closely related purpose.


We are permitted to disclose Personal Information for the purpose for which it was collected, related purposes you would expect us to disclose the information for and for other purposes when you have consented to us disclosing it for the other purposes.

From time to time we provide the Personal Information to other companies within the Mushroom Group of Companies. We will only disclose information for purposes which are related to the purpose of collection.

There are certain times when we will disclose your Personal Information to third parties:

  • If we are required or permitted to do so by law;
  • To contractors we have engaged who are responsible for providing you with goods or services you have purchased from us, such as tickets to our events, in which case the Personal Information will only be disclosed for the provision of that good or service;
  • To companies we engage to perform specialised functions such as marketing analytics and data storage, in which case the Personal Information will only be disclosed for the specialised function we are engaging them to perform;
  • When you have specifically permitted us to, separately to agreeing to this privacy policy, such as allowing us to give your information to artists we work with.

If we do disclose your information we will attempt to ensure the third parties we disclose to have reasonable standards in how they collect, use and disclose Personal Information.

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